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NEW STUFF - Calvin's recipe for spiced pecans. Cold out? Then try Calvins recipe for Texas Red Chili and also Cheri Wilkerson's Salsa recipe. It's easy and it's good, too.

Some of the old stuff, still kicking around: A few photos from our 2002 Arizona vacation and a good recipe for pinto beans and another for My Favorite Margarita.

And don't miss the most excellent Colonel Parker's Jalapeno Cornbread recipe.

From time to time, we have things for sale.

Fort Bend 4-H Shooting Sports Club

Come visit the facilities and find out about our club! Enjoy the shooting sports at a first-class facility! Learn gun responsibility and safety from certified instructors. There are opportunities to learn and to safely enjoy bb gun, air rifle, smallbore, shotgun and archery. Fort Bend 4-H Shooting Sports Club information
shooting sports logo We provide web development for the Fort Bend 4-H Shooting Sports Club.

I enjoy the shooting sports, and try to support it the best way I can. I don't have piles of money, so I give my time to teaching kids to enjoy the shooting sports safely.

Our team attended the 2006 International BB Gun Championship Match, IBBGCM, in Bowling Green, Kentucky. We had a good time, and there was plenty of good shooting done by us and by the other 39 teams in attendance. While there, I noticed there was some interest in the work I have done on the Model 499 trigger, so I have published a paper titled Improving the Trigger on the Daisy / Avanti Model 499.

So, Why is this site here?

I guess it is sort of a part-time hobby of mine. It provides a means to learn and to exercise the use of HTML and PERL, both of which I prefer to keep simple. I do all my web pages with a plain text editor, which keeps me familiar with them and helps keep them simple. Also, this site provides a means to share some of the other things I enjoy, good food, the beauty of nature and the shooting sports.

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